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A lifestyle enabler

Natural gas is one of the cleanest and most reliable ways to power your home, giving you the control and precision that electricity doesn’t. You’ll also be saving a lot more off your power bill. Fun fact: the average family saves over $400 per year just by switching to natural gas.

Power up your lifestyle and discover how to connect natural gas home appliances

With natural gas appliances, you can transform your home into an oasis of comfort with all the benefits of gas-powered hot water, cooling and heating, cooking and outdoor entertaining. A natural gas system also adds value to your home, making it the number one choice for powering a modern lifestyle.

  • Hot Water

    Love hot showers? You'll enjoy a continuous supply with natural gas.

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  • Heating and cooling

    Cool down or turn up the heat with this reliable energy source.

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  • Cooking

    Whip up a culinary storm and take control in the kitchen with natural gas.

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  • Outdoors and other

    Entertain with one of the most cost effective, reliable and clean energy sources around.

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Before choosing a gas appliance, compare the energy ratings. The greater number of stars on the appliance, the more energy efficient it is. Use the stars as a guide to compare similar sizes and capacities with one another to find your right appliance for your needs.

Benefits of natural gas