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Our low-carbon future

The Australian energy sector has a target of 26%-28% lower carbon emissions by 2030 than those of 2005, and we're committed to being a leader in the decorbonisation journey. Biogas and hydrogen production have already been proven, and a staged approach is underway to help us reach our target. 


How we'll get there

Technologies, innovations and energy sources will combine to create greener energy today and beyond. From biogas to hydrogen, cleaner fuels will help us reach our carbon neutral 2050 target.

HowWellGetThereLGEProduced from organic waste,landfill or waste waterProduced from methane orcoal, with CarbonCaptureand StorageProduced from electrolysis,using renewable electricityBiogasHydrogenHydrogenBy 2030By 2050Replacing a portion of natural gassupplied by our network with hydrogen andbiogas, contributing to Australia's targeted26-28%reduction in emissionsReplace all natural gas in the distributionnetworks with hydrogen or biogas, resultingin near zero-emission fuel delivered byour network
HowWellGetThereSMLBiogasHydrogenHydrogenBy 2030Replacing a portion ofnatural gas supplied byour network with hydrogenand biogas, contributing toAustralia's targeted 26-28%reduction in emissionsBy 2050Replace all naturalgasin the distributionnetworks with hydrogenor biogas, resulting in nearzero-emission fuel deliveredby our networkProduced fromorganic waste,landfill or wastewaterProduced frommethane or coal,with CarbonCapture andstorageProduced fromelectrolysis, usingrenewable energy