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When another sweltering summer swings around many of us can’t help but wonder, ‘why didn’t we get that pool installed?’

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What you need to know about installing a swimming pool

A few days in-a-row north of 25 degrees, and everyone begins dreaming of getting a pool. Before you book the earthmoving machines, here’s what’s involved in installing a swimming pool into your backyard – from costs to laws and regulations, and heating options like gas.

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Top BBQ tips to get you through the summer

The weather is warming up and the great Australian barbecue season is beginning. Firing up the grill is almost a mandatory summer activity, but do you know your way around the flames? We’re here to help with this guide to maintenance, cooking and the age-old debate of gas vs coal.

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Everything you'll need to enjoy the big match at home

It’s August. It’s bitingly cold outside, our clothes take forever to dry, and even football can’t cheer us up anymore. Worse, leaving the house has become a daily struggle. Don’t worry, we have the solution: just don’t leave the house. Embrace the season of ‘nup’ by staying in instead. We’ve made the comprehensive checklist of everything you need for the perfect night in, from the right company, to the least boring board games and the vital streaming services. Don your comfiest house pants, you’ll be loving winter in no time.

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Around the World in Comfort Foods

‘Tis the season to indulge, and we’re cooking with gas – literally. As an extension of the Love Winter campaign, we go on a global adventure to uncover the best comfort foods from the around the world, including the UK’s shepherd’s pie, America’s low-n-slow barbecue meats, Poland’s hearty pierogis, Japan’s Katsu curry and Italy’s potato and rosemary pizza (carbs on carbs, we’re in).

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Help do your bit for the planet - with gas

Taking stock of your home power usage - and wondering how you can make your energy mix that little bit greener? Then it’s worth considering natural gas. At a time when alternative energy innovations are big news, one environmentally friendly option has been in front of us all along.

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Gas Prices in Victoria: Less than you'd Think

Natural gas has been a popular power source for Victorians for many years. The reason? It’s affordable and performs in all seasons.

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New Aussie Homes Still the Largest in the World

Australian homes are some of the biggest in the world. We break down this growing trend in the Aussie real estate market, and take a look at how we stack up internationally.

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Cooking with Natural Gas & Barbecue

Barbecuing is a huge part of Australian culture. Whether it’s to celebrate Australia Day in summer or the Grand Final, chargrilling and smoking is central to our way of life. MasterChef contestant Sam Gant rounds up the top recipes for your natural gas powered barbie.

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How Gas is Powering the Aussie Outdoor Life

From surfing on the Gold Coast to sitting by the pool and grilling lamb chops for lunch, Australians know how to make the most of the outdoors. Here are some of the best ways that natural gas is powering the Aussie outdoors.

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Inside the Home: Home Renovation Trends

Just like fashion, our homes represent who we are; they tell our story. To help you tell yours, we sit down with leading interior designer, Frances Cosway to find out what’s hot, and what’s not.

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